Lawn Care

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Weekly Lawn Mowing

Tanner's Mowing and More provides weekly mowing service to residential customers within Alexandria. We use professional equipment to mow and trim all areas of your lawn to give you a well manicured lawn all summer long. 

Fertilizer and Weed Control

We offer a lawn fertilization and weed control package with up to four applications available. These applications help to promote the growth and health of your lawn all while diminishing the growth of weeds. 

Spring Clean Ups

As far as lawn care goes, Spring Clean-Ups are a Must! They are very important because it gets the thatch, or dead grass barrier, picked up so that moisture and nutrients can get to the root system of your lawn. This helps the lawn to grow lush and green much quicker and can also help with winter mold issues.

Fall Clean Ups

During the fall months, the trees lose their leaves and this can leave a blanket of leaves on your yard. We perform our fall clean ups in a quick and timely manner that provides you with little disturbance. This prepares your lawn for the winter and is more cost effective than picking up the leaves in the spring.
*Please note, due to the Minnesota fall weather, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get all of our clean ups done before the snow, no matter how early you contact us.

Curbside Leaf Pick-Up

If you prefer to rake up the leaves yourself, but have no place to put them, we can take them for you! Simply rake or place your pile of leaves near the road where we can easily access them. No more messing around with leaf bags or trips to the landfill. We can make this spring or fall chore a breeze for you by hauling away your leaves and other yard waste debris!

Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a great way to improve the health of your lawn. Throughout the hot summer, the soil becomes compacted and very dry.  Our aerator machine pulls 2-3" core soil plugs out of the ground, allowing the soil to breathe and vital nutrients to reach the root systems. The plugs that are pulled from the ground will naturally breakdown in about one to two weeks. For best results and a lush, healthy lawn, we recommend having your lawn aerated at least once a year in the spring or fall.

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito control service is a safe and effective way of combating mosquitoes, ticks, and other small critters on your property. Our application is kid and pet friendly and is applied approximately three weeks apart from one another to have the greatest effect against the mosquitoes.

Lawn Overseeding

Overseeding is the least intrusive course of action to improve your lawn now and into the future. It promotes a healthy lawn and can provide you with the correct seed that your lawn needs for the conditions it will face. When performed alongside core aeration, your chances of obtaining a lush, dense, and healthy lawn are highly attainable.

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